The Erich J. Kanne Memorial Foundation was started by Erich's Family in 2013 to honor him after they lost him to a tragic accident.  They wanted to pass along his love of archery.  Their mission is to nurture todays youth archers interested in pursuing and participating in the sport of archery as well as giving back to our Military Service People that have selflessly given of themselves.  On January 1st, 2015 they became a
non-profit Corporation (501c3).  Their staff members are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise.  Each is very dedicated to this foundation and each have a special gift
to offer to grow the sport of archery.
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Our Team Members
David Kanne:  Father to Erich, President of Foundation
Kari Kanne:  Mother to Erich, Vice President of Foundation
Matthew Kanne:  Brother to Erich,  Board Member
Eric Nathe: Friend of Family, Board Member
Shane Rosby: Friend of Family, Board Member
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MANY Friends and Family Members

Meet  Our  Staff Shooters

Cole Zeug  
is 13 and from Princeton Minnesota. He has been shooting archery since the age of 9.  Cole is involved with JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program, out of Sauk Rapids.  Cole has been shooting competitively for the past few years and these are only a few of his accomplishments:
* 2014 MSAA State 3-D  1st Place
* 2014 Minnesota Sportsman Club 3-D league youth class 1st place
* 2015 Iowa Pro-Am Cub Male Freestyle Champion
* 2015 Erich Kanne Memorial Shoot 2nd Place
* 2015 JOAD State indoor 1st Place
* 2015 JOAD State Outdoor 1st Place
* 2015 MSAA State Target Championship 1st Place
* 2015 NFAA Midwest sectionals championship
* 2015 MAA State Field Championship 1st Place
*2015 MSAA State Field Championship 1st Place
* 2015 MSAA Cub Male Freestyle Grand Champion
Cole is a delight to be around and a GREAT Team player!  We look forward to many more years with him!

Breanna Theodore
is 16 years old and from Hibbing, Minnesota.   She has been shooting since the age of 8.  A few of her accomplishments include:
* 2013 MAA 25 meter Championship 2nd place
* 2013 MSAA State Targtet 900 Round 1st Place
* 2013 MSAA State 3D Tournament 2nd Place
* 2014 Vegas Shoot 6th Place overall
* 2015 Iowa Pro Am 2nd Place
* 2015 The Vegas shoot YA Champ Co-Ed flight 5th Place
* 2015 USA Archery Indoor Nationals  1st Place Cadet
* 2015 MAA 25 meter  1st Place YAFS
* 2015 The Gator Cup  5th Place individual, 3rd place World
* 2015 Youth Archery World Championships  7th place Individual, 1st place in team rounds
* 2015 Texas Shoot Out  3rd pace Elimination Rounds
* 2015 Target Nationals  1st place YAFS
* 2016 Iowa Pro Am Money Class 6th Place
* Vegas Shoot 29th Place day 1,  8th place day 2, 17th place overall.

She attended 2015 Youth Archery World Champioinship with many accomplishments.  She is currently ranked #1 in Cadet USAT.  She won GOLD in the elimination rounds, silver in the qualifications and was awarded the 2015 Grand National Female Cadet Comp;ound Champion.  Breanna took 2nd place in 2016 at the Iowa Pro Am in the Pro Division.  In 2016 Breanna took 2nd place at the Iowa Pro Am in the Pro Division, She took home 17th Place at the Vegas shoot and took 1st Place at The 3rd Annual Erich J. Kanne Memorial Shoot Pro and Money Division. She scored a PERFECT 300  60X. 

Kenny Cruze III
is 17 years old and has been shooting archery since the age of 7.  He is a member of Granite City JOAD and North Central Elite Arcers (NCEA).  In 2010 he attended the US National Target Championship and JOAD Nationals.  Kenny usually places in the top 3 in each shoot he attends.  in 2016 Kenny took the class for the Level 1 USA Archery Coaching Certification.  He enjoys helping other youth archers.  He will be shooting at USAT and National Tournaments in 2017 and plans to continue shooting for the top spot!
We are excited to have Kenny a part of our great team!  Welcome!

MaKenna Langley is 14 years old and has been shooting for about 6 years now.  She started out shooting a bare bow league and took 1st place. Soon thereafter she purchased a compound bow and started competing in bow hunter class. Quickly she placed either 1st or 2nd in each tournament or league she participated in!  in 2014 MaKenna Placed 5th place at The MSAA tournament and shot her 1st "Robin Hood" . in The 2015 MSAA Tournament she placed 1st in the Championship Round contender and took 4th over all.  Her average shooting score in299 with 33x on a 5 spot target at 20 yards.  MaKenna loves to shoot archery and plans to continue to shoot and improve every day! We have enjoyed the time we have spent with MaKenna and look forward to supporting her archery skills!

Cole Smith
is a 12 year old and from Harrisburg South Dakota.  A few of Coles many accomplishments include:
* 2013 to present time has  been a part of JOAD
* 2015 SD State Indoor 1st Place
* 2015 USA JOAD National Indoor Championships
* 2015 SD State Outdoor 1st Place
* 2015 SD State 3D  1st Place
* 2015 NFAA National Outdoor Target Championship 1st place
* 2016 Shot at Iowa Pro Am
* 2016 SD State Indoor 2nd Place
* 2016 The Vegas Shoot
* 2016 NFAA Midwest Sectionals
Cole is a member of USA Archery, NFAA, SDSAA, Minnehaha Archers Club and now staff shooter for The Erich J. Kanne Memorial Foundation!  He hopes to coach archery some day!

Kinzie Thomas
is 15 and from North Dakota.  She has been shooting competively since 2012.  Some of Kinzie's accomplishments include:
* 2012 NDBA Field 1st place Youth
* 2012 NDBA Indoor 3D 1st place Youth
* 2013 MN State 900... Current 1st place and State Record
* 2013 NDBA 300 1st place
* 2013 NDBA 3D  1st place
* 2013 NFAA Dakota Classic Yankton SD
     * 1st place 600
     * 1st place cub female freestyle 3D Outdoor
* 2013 IFAA  World Indoor Archery Tournament in Yankton, SD
     * tied for 3rd, shoot off resulting in 4th place.
* 2014 NDBA Indoor 300 1st place Youth
* 2014 NDBA 3D 1st place Youth
* 2014 NDBA 900  1st place Youth
* 2014 MN State FITA  1st place Youth (new state record)
* 2014 MN State 3D  1st place Youth (new state record)
* 2014 MN State 900 1st place Youth (new state record)
* 2014 MN State Field 1st place Youth (new state record)
* 2014 Iowa Pro Am 4th place
* 2014 The Vegas Shoot 9th place
* 2014 NFAA Indoor Nationals Louisville, KY.  12th place
* 2014 IFAA World Outdoors  4th place Youth
* 2014 NFAA Target Outdoor Nationals  2nd place
* 2014 The Dakota Classic Yankton, SD 1st place Youth
* 2015 NDBA Indoor 300 1st place Youth
* 2015 NDBA 3D  1st place Youth
* 2015 Iowa Pro Am  3rd Youth
* 2015 Yankton 1st Youth
* 2015 European Youth Cup  Silver Medal
* 2015  USA Gator Cup  Gold Medal Cadet
* 2015  USA Outdoor Nationals   Bronze Medal
* 2016 NFAA Indoor Nationals 9th place Youth
* 2016 USA Indoor Nationals 5th place Junior
* 2016 USA Arizona Cup  4th place Junior
* 2016 USA Gator Cup 7th Place junior
* 2016 USA So Cal Showdown 2nd Place
* 2016 Outdoor Target Canadian Nationals  GOLD qualifications
* 2016 USA Buckeye Classic 1st place qualifications Juniors
* 2016 NFA Outdoor Target nationals  1st place Young Adult
Kinzie would like to continue to compete at the State, National and World Cup Tournaments with a goal to one day go to the olympics!

Kinley Hetletved
is 14 and from Bizmarck, ND.  She has been competing since 2012 with many accomplishments!
* 2012 Shooters Extravaganza lake Agassiz  2nd place Cub
* 2012 ND State NDBA Indoor Champion Shoot  2nd place cub
* 2013 ND State NDBA Indoor Champior Shoot 2nd place
* 2013 NFAA national Unmarked 3D  2nd place
* 2013 MN State Outdoor 900  3rd place
* 2013 ND State 4-H Outdoo shoot  1st place
* 2013 ND State NDBA Out door Champion shoot  1st place
* 2014 Outdoor World Target Championship  4th place
* 2014 MN State Field Champion ( state record)
* 2014 MN State 3D Champion
* 2014 ND State 4H Indoor Reserve Champion
* 2014 ND State 4H Outdoor 3D Champion
* 2014 MN Grand Champion
* 2015 ND State Indoor 2nd place YFFS
* 2015 ISAA Iowa Pro AM  10th place YFFS
* 2015 Montana Open, 2nd place YFFS
* 2015 NFAA Vegas Indoor (World Archery Festival) YFFS 22nd place
* 2015 MN State Indoor YFFS 1st place
* 2015 MN State Indoor YFBHFS  1st place
* 2016 Vegas Ultimate Archery Challenge 1st place 4th flight
* 2016 Western Classic  3D YFFS 1st place
* 2016 ND State  300  YFFS  2nd place
* 2016 ND State 900  YFFS  1st place
* 2016 Iowa Pro Am  YFFS  9th place
* 2016 NFAA Vegas Indoor (World Archery Festival)  YFFS  52nd place
* 2016 Midwest Indoor Sectionals  YFFS  8th place
* 2016 National USA Indoors  26th place
* 2016 National USA Indoors JOAD  37th place
* 2016 Big Sky Open  YFFS 1st place
* 2016 USA National Field and World USA Junior 6th place
* 2016 USA National Outdoor and JOAD  6th place
* 2016 USA national Outdoor and JOAD  Bronze Medal, 4th place
* 2016 USA national Outdoor Target  YFFS 
These are just a few of Kinley's ev events she has competed in and we look forward to watching more to come in 2017 !

Hatley Hetletved
is 9 years old and has been shooting since 2012.  She already has so many great accomplishments!
* 2012 ND State NDBA Indoor Championship Tournament  1st place
* 2012 Oliver County Tournament  1st place Mite
* 2012 Buffalo Valley Archers Tournament  1st place Mite
* 2012 Nishu March Tournament  6th place Female Cub
* 2013 Oliver County Tournament  1st place Mite
* 2013 MN State Outdoor 900  1st place Mite
* 2013 ND State NDBA Outdoor Championship  6th place Cub
* 2013 Shooters Extravaganza lake Agassiz  10th place femal cub
* 2014 NFAA Outdoor national Target Championship  4th place
* 2014 ND State Indoor 3D Reserve Champion
* 2014 MN State Field Champion  (state record)
* 2014 MN State Indoor 300 Champion (state record)
* 2014 MN State 900 champion  (state record)
* 2014 MN State 3D champion  (state record)
* 2014 MN Grand Champion
* 2014 ND Classic 600 Mite Female Champion
* 2015 ND State Indoor 300  2nd place CFFS
* 2015 ND State 3D  1st place CFFS
* 2015 ISAA Iowa Pro Am  6th place CFFS
* 2015 Montana Open  1st place  CFFS
* 2015 National USA Indoors 26th place Female bowman compound
* 2015 JOAD National Indoor  JOAD 43rd place
 * 2015 MN State Indoor 300  1st place MFFS (state record)
* 2015 First Dakota Classic  3rd place  CFFS
* 2016 Ultimate Archery Challenge  Vegas 3rd place 4th flight
* 2016 Western Classic 300  CFFS  1st place
* 2016 ND State Indoor 3D  CFFS  1st place
* 2016 ND State indoor 300  CFFS 1st place
* 2016 ND State Field  NFAA  CFFS  1st place
* 2016 ISAA Iowa Pro Am  CFFS  2nd place
* 2016 NFAA Vegas Indoor  CFFS  26th place
* 2016  Midwest Indoor Sectionals  CFFS  2nd place Champ flight
* 2016 National USA Indoor JOAD  67th place
* 2016 First Dakota Classic  NFAA  CFFS  4th place
* 2016 Big Sky Open  NFAA  CFFS  1st place
* 2016 USA National Field  2nd place
* 2016 USA National Outdoor Target and JOAD  16th place
* 2016 USA National Field  2nd place
* 2016 National Outdoor Target  CFFS  4th place
We are looking to see how far Hatley goes in the next few years!

Kenny Hinton
 is 14 years old and from Southern MN.  He has been shooting archery for 5 years.  Kenny is very much involved with 4-H and has some archery tournaments under his belt!
* Has shot in multiple local tournaments
* 2013 MN State
* 2015 Yankton  8th place
* 2016 MN State  2nd place
* 2016 MN 18 Meter Shoot  1st place
* R100 Shoots in Iowa.
We look forward to having Kenny shoot for us and to grow his skills of archery!

Braeden Howes
is 15 years old and from Mandan, North Dakota.  He has been shooting since the age of 12.  Braeden started out by simpley taking a park and rec archery class and immediately became hooked on the sport!  He started shooting local 3D tournaments and soon earned a Bronze medal at the NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals.  He attended JOAD Camp and then it all truly began! Some of his accomplishments include
* USA Outdoor Field nationals Champion
* NFAA Outdoor Target Champion
* North Dakota State Champ in 3D & Field
* USA World Field Trials he took 3rd place
* World Field Champ in Dublin Ireland - USA Team
* Vegas Shoot Out
* Arizona Cup
* Gator Cup
* Buckeye Classic
* Midwest Pro-Am
* Texas Shoot Out
Braeden has many more events he has shot in and is very dedicated to the sport. He is constantly striving to learn and improve. We look forward to following and helping support Braeden with his archery future!