How Can I help?

Monday, August 15, 2016
Kari Kanne
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How can I help?  That is a question we are often asked.  Since we are a 501 C3 Non Profit Corporation we do not take a salary.  All our time and effort are given of ourselves.  David, Kari and Matthew operate and run the Foundation due to a deep passion and love for their son and brother.  They give back all to children and Our Military Service People to honor Erich.  Eric Nathe and Shane Rosby, our other board members along with many friends and family help operate and run the Foundation out of pure selflessness, friendship and a sincere passion for the sport!  TOGETHER.... We all form one awesome team.  We could never do it without any of them!  We still have the pending question of how one could help?  We are ALWAYS taking donations of either archery / hunting products and or cash donations.  All gifts are tax deductable and we have a receipt to go along with each thank you!  You can use our paypal account here on line or feel free to e-mail or call us!  Each year we have an annual tournament and we ALWAYS need help setting up, running and tearing down.  Please contact us if you have any interest in sharing of your time.  We also have the opportunity for you to mentor and support a child that may not have the skills, finances and adults to help out.  We have found that there are many children that have an interest in archery but either there is a lack of time from the household or lack of money to pay for equipment, lessons, leagues and such.  If you or anyone you know of that would like to help out a child with the sport of archery... PLEASE contact us!  Thank you and God Bless!!!