Who is Erich?

Erich was born in 1993 to Kari and David Kanne.  He was a Big Brother to Matt Kanne.

Erich had many intrests and tried many things.  He enjoyed hunting both with gun as

well as with his bow.  Erich loved to fish all seasons and types of fish.  Erich was a

lover of animals and his English Springer Spaniel, Remi was a very close companion of

his.  Anything that had to do with nature and the out of doors was game on for Erich!

Erich began shooting archery with an old recurve bow his Father made in highschool. 

He and his Brother would go into the horse barn, tie an old icecream bucket to a rope

from the rafters then swing the bucket and shoot arrows!  He was very creative and

could easily entertain himself like that for hours!  Erich started shooting in an archery

league at a local archery shop.  He listened to all the "Pros" which consisted mainly of

the older men at leagues that seemed to know it all!  Erich never took an archery

lesson and he never shot for a team.  Archery seemed to come naturally for him and

he took it to The State Level.  In 2009 He brought home Two 1st place titles from The

Minnesota State Archery Tournament.  He was consistant at shooting a 300 and really

only fluxuated his  X count from 56 to 60.  Erich shot in many local Tournaments as

well as bringing home his 1st money win from the Iowa ProAm!  Erich graduated

highschool in 2012 from Elk River High School.  He left for Fort Benning, Georgia for

Military Basic Training soon there after.  Erich came back months later a Master

Sharp Shooter Infantryman.  He loved his Country and was proud to serve.  On June

27th, 2013 we got a knock on our door shortly after midnight telling us our Son was

involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.  Our lives were forever changed at that very

moment.  We knew we wanted to do something to honor our Son but really didn't

know how or what to do.  A very special Family Friend and one of Erich's "Pros"

helped put on our 1st Annual Archery Tournament.  It was a great big success.  We

gave away all the proceeds to young children by giving them archery equipment.  We

had many requests to have it again the next year.  We moved the location and had

another successful event!  Being that we could now see where we were suppose to be

and where we were suppose to be taking things, we found a lawyer to help us for a

501c (3) Non Profit Corporation!  We selected our Board members, made our mission-

statement and have been having successfull tournaments, giving to childrens archery

programs and our military service people.  We would give ANYTHING to have our Son

back with us but we know that will not be so we honor him today and every day by

giving back on his behalf!  Erich is so very much loved and will never be forgotten!